Lit & Phil StickerStories

Discover the Treasures of Lit & Phil


Andrew Harvey Rob Anderson Denise Lengyel Ahmed Kharrufa


This project is a collaboration of The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne a.k.a. Lit & Phil and Open Lab, Newcastle University. Our aim is to use artworks displayed at Lit & Phil together with digital technology to raise engagement with Lit & Phil's offers.

For this, we use Open Lab's Sticker Stories, i.e. a web app which can be accessed through QR codes attached to the artworks. Here, these QR codes guide people towards more information on the artworks and people displayed. So you can get to know more about important historical figures and objects connected to Lit & Phil.

Sticker Stories also allows you to leave comments and share stories anonymously, which are moderated by experimental AI.

We then look at the anonymised data of people's engagement to see how they interact with Sticker Stories and Lit & Phil. For example, we look at which comments people leave and which artworks or other offers of Lit & Phil they engage with.

We hope that this will help us to better understand how such an interaction and the sharing of comments and stories can be supported.

Ethics, Data and Consent

The project received ethical approval from Newcastle University. The data is being saved securely on Newcastle University servers and will only be used for research purposes, following the ethical guidelines of Newcastle University and the Data Protection Act.

But we can only collect and use your anonymised data if we have your explicit consent. Which is why the app will ask you for your consent when you scan your first QR code.

App Screenshots

Consent page of the 'Discover the Treasures of Lit & Phil' app Landing page for James Losh in the 'Discover the Treasures of Lit & Phil' app Page to add comments and stories in the 'Discover the Treasures of Lit & Phil' app